About the project "Jump To Science"

The project "Jump To Science" is sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) as a part of its support program for Regional Activities for Understanding of Science & Technology.
It aims at carrying out the following contents during the three year period from 2009 to 2011.


Building a nationwide network to give a chance to children with visual impairment to challenge the science


  • Make children feel the fun of science, through experiencing with their five senses
  • Make children experience how IT changed the learning of science and mathematics.
  • Build a network between children, the event staff and supporters. Make an envieonment which enables easily sharing information and know-how.

Project contents

  1. Jump to Science Summer Camp(A four days scientific training camp)

    We hold a summer camp which enables children with visual impairment to experience the fun of science by using their five senses once a year.
    We organized a summer camp in the city of Kumamoto in 2010 (south of Japan). The summer camp will take place in Tokyo in 2011.

  2. Jump to Science Mini Camp(A one day scientific camp)

    The mini camps are the small version of the summer camps.
    We hold this event in various places like Hokkaido, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

  3. IT literacy Course

    We provide students with visual impairment a program of two sessions with teachers and two month self training at home.

  4. Teaching materials development

    We provide with 20 kinds of teaching materials to assist teachers with leading their own classes for visually impaired people.

  5. Software development

    We developed a software that automatically translates into Braille software from Character that contains mathematical expressions, and an easy-to-use editor.

Examination Committee

Jump2Science is supervised by an examination committee, which members are listed bellow.

Masakazu Suzuki (Representative project / Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT) )
Yoshiko Toriyama (Sub-representative project / Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT) )
Katsuhito Yamaguchi (Nippon University Professor)
Tetsuya Watanabe (Niigata University Associate professor)
Makoto Kobayashi (Tsukuba University of Technology Associate professor )
Hiroshi Kawamura (Assistive Technology Development Organization Vice president )
Akiyosi Takamura (Tsukuba University Attachment School for the Blind Teacher )
Toshiaki Aomatsu (Tsukuba University Attachment School for the Blind Teacher )
Mamoru Fujiyoshi (National centert for University Entrance Examination Professor emeritus)
Fukue Suzuki (NPO Science Accessibility Net Executive director)
Hiroko Yagi (NPO Science Accessibility Net )

Other members

Some other Professor are taking part into the Jump2Science adventure. Their specialties cover various fields like scientific education, education for children with learning difficulties, and IT education.

Ken Sakamura (Tokyo University Graduate School of Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Professor)
Kunio Kagawa (Health Science University Welfare Psychology Subject Professor )
Izumi Otaka (Tsukuba University Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences Professor)


Jump to Science Poster
Jump to Science Poster[PDF版・423KB]